Friends I believe that abortion is wrong.  Every since these liberal judges have been allowed to turn this country away from Almighty God we have had this horrible sin upon our land.  A little baby in the womb is a living breathing human being.  It is not man’s deceitful and sinful right to destroy it.

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Text Box: If you have had an abortion you are very much loved by all Christians and more importantly by God.  Not knowing the facts can cause us all to do things we later find out were wrong.  The intent here is to educate not condemn.

(Courtesy of the Right to Life Web Site)

I understand this is one of the most hotly contested disagreements in our land today.  There are even Christians who do not agree on this issue.  I have to say with compassion what I feel like God has imparted to me.  We went centuries without this being legalized as it is today.  I am firmly convinced it is one situation that God does not condone.  Not to be selfish here, but I feel like there are blessings being withheld from this nation as a result of it.  I could go on and on about how wrong the sin is and pretty much I feel like anyone reading this has heard all the different sides of the dispute.  Not only the blessings but to me this is wrong to not allow a little baby to live.  In this modern era we are in the child will be taken care of by so many different means today.  Let these babies live, please.  I have a child who’s mind is not fully developed, I would not take three hundred million dollars for the precious gift from God.  To be truthful here there would not be any amount of money I would take for a sweet terrific life.  It is a joy to watch her grow up and try to navigate this world.  Oh friends, a life is a life in or out of the womb.

God Bless you today and if you would happen to be deciding what to do on this subject, I pray that you consider the precious baby and what he/she might become if allowed to live.

The Christian Counter

I believe that children under the age of accountability go to heaven.  If you believe in Christ you will see that child in heaven.


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 Diary of an Unborn Baby

Day 1 – fertilization: all human chromosomes are present; unique human life begins•

 Day 6 – embryo begins implanting in the uterus•

Day 22 – heart begins to beat with the child’s own blood, often a different type than the mother’s•

Week 5 – eyes, legs, hands begin to develop•

Week 6 – brain waves detectable; mouth, lips present; fingernails forming•

Week 7 – eyelids, toes form; nose distinct, baby kicking and swimming•

Week 8 – every organ in place; bones begin to replace cartilage, fingerprints begin to form; •

 Weeks 9 and 10 - teeth begin to form, fingernails develop; baby can turn head, frown•

Week 11 – baby can grasp objects placed in hand; all organ systems functioning; the baby has fingerprints, a skeletal structure, nerves, and circulation•

Week 12 – the baby has all of the part necessary to experience pain, including the nerves, spinal cord and thalamus; the baby is nearing the end of the first trimester•

Week 17 - baby can have dream (REM) sleep•

Week 20 – the earliest stage at which partial birth abortions are performed