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Hi, I’m the son of a WWII Vet.  I appreciate what my father did for our country as well as all those who have served.  This page is dedicated to ALL who have served in ALL wars and conflicts and those Disabled Veterans who gave.  I pray for the families of the MIA and POW veterans.


                  God Bless


Needless to say the Disabled Vet has a special place in my heart.

Amen!  And just one of the reasons for this page.  All veterans deserve the respect and gratitude of this nation just as the Father of the nation amply put it.  Thank You Veterans!

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Need I say anymore?

God Forbid, We should EVER forget!

Friend, Jesus can sustain you through what ever you might be going through.  Believe you me, I KNOW.  Trials, tribulations, woes and troubles abound.  You may think no one has gone through what you are going through right now but believe me, there are people who have dealt with worse.  But one thing is for certain, when we leave this life there are only two places to go, Heaven or Hell


Let me share with you How to go to Heaven.



All Who Served

I was never fortunate enough to serve our country, so you might ask why all the interest in the veteran and service men and women.  It does not keep me from being patriotic.  It also does not keep me from showing the respect due those who have fought and died for this great land we call America.  The veterans do not have to expect that they are the only one’s  showing their colors to their fellow countrymen.  There are a lot of us Americans who respect with honor those men and women called to duty by their God and Country.  There should be many web sites displaying the gratitude to our brave veterans.  This is one, sorry to say, I do not think there are enough.


GOD BLESS you men and women in uniform………..