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One Nation Under God





Friends we are a free country because great men and women died to make this country that way.

This may sound harsh as a Christian, but you are welcome to leave this country if you desire too, I am not saying you have to agree with me or any one else, but it is true, you can leave if you donít like it here.† That can not be said of all countries.

And it is some of those countries that wish to push their ideologies and misguided religion on us.† This is a Christian Nation, if you do not like that fact, then you are welcome to go to a Muslim country or a country that you do not have the freedoms that you would have here.

As the banner above says, we have never run and never will.† Bring your army out and fight like a man.† To kill innocent women and children is a cowards way.

To find out how you too can go to Heaven, click on the button above.† The only thing keeping you out of Heaven is not having a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.† To learn more about being saved, click on the button and learn about the marvelous saving power of Jesus Christ.

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One detail that is not mentioned, in DC, there can never be a building of greater height than the Washington Monument.


On the aluminum cap, atop the Washington Monument in Washington, DC, are displayed two words: Laus Deo. No one can see these words. In fact, most visitors to the monument are totally unaware they are even there and for that matter, probably couldn't care less.

But these words have been there for many years; they are 555 feet, 5.125 inches high, perched atop the monument, facing skyward to the Father of our nation, overlooking the 69 square miles which comprise the District of Columbia, capital of the United States of America.

Laus Deo! Two seemingly insignificant, unnoticed words. Out of sight and, one might think, out of mind, but very meaningfully placed at the highest point over what is the most  powerful city in the most successful nation in the world.

So, what do those two words, in Latin, composed of just four syllables and only seven letters, possibly mean? Very simply, they say, "Praise be to God!"

When the cornerstone of the Washington Monument was laid on July 4th, 1848, deposited within it were many items, including the Holy Bible presented by the Bible Society.† Praise be to God!† Such was the discipline, the moral direction, and the spiritual mood given by the founder and first President of our unique democracy.

"One Nation, Under God."