Access by faith


God has begun to put some people in place to help with this mysterious disease.  I wanted to share with you because I have a daughter that has autism.  It is very frustrating for parents to find help.

May some of the following sites help you with information and assistance.  And may God bless that special child.

Autism Speaks

Autism Society of America

Autism Coalition

National Autism Association


May God help us to find a cure.

There is an increase in Autism, what is causing it?  Is it our food, our environment, what is the reason?

I want to be helped!

The Christian Counter

I do not know what God has on the horizon for this disease, this puzzling and mysterious disability but we have prayed for healing and understanding and asking why?  I believe that God will bring to heaven anyone that has not reached the age of accountability.  God will take care of His children!  I thank God for this precious life of my child.

A Puzzling Disability