†††††† My Parents

Joseph Billy Fowler & Emma Dell Grizzle

It will be hard for me to write this but it is such a part of me I have to put pen to paper.† My parents meant a great deal to me growing up.† They were my very existence.† I learned how to deal with the world.† I saw heartache and overcame it,† I saw sadness and learned to live with it, I saw happiness and it made me glad, I saw disappointment and understood,† I saw accomplishments and was proud, I saw death and realized the finality, I saw life and enjoyed itís existence.


All this due to my parents who taught me all these things.† How they were taken for granted until they were no more.† But Praise God they are with the Lord Jesus Christ!† I look forward to seeing them again, and sharing some things I should have already done.† God Bless You.

I will forever be grateful to all the many things they did for me.† Some of the simple things in life, from my mother teaching me how to make iced tea, and my father teaching me how to play baseball.† All the protection they surrounded me and my brothers with to make sure nothing awful happened to us.


Some of the little things in life you take for granted are really big things, and your parents are a treasure you will always miss.


If your parents are still alive, remember that one day you will not have them, please make sure they are saved and that you will have the opportunity to see them again in Glory.

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