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Disabled Veterans

Deserves to rest in American soil.

Disabled American veterans

Ladies and Gentlemen I want to tell you about a person that gave up HIS life for all of us.  That person was the Lord Jesus Christ.  He gave HIS life that we who accept what HE did on the cross of Calvary might have a life eternal one day.  Accepting the Lord Jesus as your Savoir will get you into Heaven without any crutches and without any missing limbs and without any pain, sorrow or tears..  Yes friends you will be a whole person without any injury or bodily parts missing.  HE has promised a body like unto HIS body.  Please if you do not know the Savior please Click Here to learn more.



They fought for Old Glory.  Some gave up limbs and some gave up mentally and some gave their lives.  To which I am one American that is truly grateful and respectful of the full commitment made on their behalf.

To Honor the great men and women who have served this country, the Disabled Veterans.

Yes, we have a lot to be thankful for these Disabled Veterans who were willing to give a part of themselves to keep our freedom.

Some Veterans gave a sacrifice to their country that they live with every day and suffer from every day the rest of their life—the DISABLED VETERAN.

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