What is the church?


It is to love God

It is to glorify God

It is to display Godís grace

It is to evangelize the world

It is to baptize believers

It is to instruct believers

It is to edify believers

It is to discipline believers

It is to provide fellowship for believers

It is to care for its own in time of need

If you are not going to a church right now, why not attend a church in your area and see what it is all about.† For the non believer how can you find out or say anything about church attendance and membership unless you have at least attended one?† For the Christian you know that it is the Lordís will for you to be in His house of worship.


In church you will learn about Godís Word, that is why it is important to attend a church that preaches the Bible.† Sunday School is also important to attend and get into the study of Godís Word.† Christ so many times spoke from the Scriptures and wants us to know the Word.† Again for the lost, there is a whole new world that will be opened up to you once you start going to church.† You will learn about the salvation of oneís soul and the ordinances of the church, baptism, the Lordís supper.† The teachings of Christ, Godís will for your life, about life itself, money, marriage, happiness, joy, manís law, Godís law, creation, the ministry of Jesus. You see friend there is a lot that can be accomplished from going to church.† Wonít you attend today?† See what the Lord can do in your life today and attend church as soon as you can.